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GeoNet Communications Group, Inc. (hereinafter, GeoNet USA) is an international Long distance service provider in the USA and a parent company of GeoNet Communications LTD. (referred to as GeoNet Kenya) a Tier II telecom in Kenya.
At present, GeoNet serves telecommunication needs of people (especially the Kenyan Diaspora) in USA and Canada, with family, friends or business relations outside North America.  By necessity, these groups of people require affordable and good quality International telecommunication services. By leveraging internet protocol technologies, GeoNet is able to reduce overhead and high infrastructure costs to reach intercontinental markets. The savings in cost of doing business is passed onto our customers.

GeoNet USA is FCC 214 certified as International Long Distance Telephone Service Provider. We operate our telephone exchanges in New York and New Jersey.  Through a series of strategic partnerships with Tier I carriers in the USA, GeoNet can service calls to over 180 destinations in the world.

GeoNet Kenya holds the following licenses:-
1)    International Gateway Systems And Services (IGS),
2)    Network Facilities Provider –Tier II Telecom,
3)    Application Service Provider,
4)    Content Service Provider.

The combination of GeoNet Kenya and GeoNet USA licenses and switching platforms enables GeoNet to provide end-to-end, high quality but low cost services to Kenyan and other African Diaspora.

For the past two and half years, GeoNet Kenya has been focusing on building a converged communication infrastructure in Kenya, with VoIP and Data as primary Internet contents.  Our customers range from individuals interested in single calling cards, residential International Postpaid accounts, Bulk SMS to several Multinational Telecommunication Carriers in need of Voice Traffic termination and data connectivity solutions on both terrestrial and satellite.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
To contribute to universal accessibility through increase of internet telephony and data footprint in Kenya and across the world.

GeoNet Kenya endeavours to:-
•Avail more affordable bandwidth in the country, hence increasing the number of Internet users in the country at the last mile.
•Make calling into, within and out of Kenya affordable using VoIP technologies,
•Increase the level of e-commerce in Kenya, thereby enabling Kenyan products to reach the global market more expediently and at more affordable rates.

To be the leading innovative ICT service provider and a Bridge across the digital divide


Partnership and co-operation, integrity, insight, innovation, and excellence.

Our Culture of Innovation

GeoNet is marked by the culture of innovation. we work hard to mine reams of information and develop advanced technologies that add value to individuals, transform their lives and create communal pride and dignity.

Our Partners

1. Seacom
SEACOM is a submarine cable operator with a network of submarine and terrestrial high speed fibre-optic cable that serves the East and West coasts of Africa.

2. STS Global Inc.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
STS Global Inc. is a dynamic satellite communications + telecommunications company where great engineering minds and outstanding communications experience intersect. Staffed by talented Professionals who have decades of success, STS Global is primed to deliver excellence in systems and service .

3. Avanti Communications Group plc


Avanti Communications sells satellite data communications services to telecoms companies which use them to supply enterprise, institutional and consumer users.

Our Values

Welcome to GeoNet

Welcome to GeoNet Kenya Ltd

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