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Warranty & After sale service

We shall avail documentation (2 copies) detailing the layout and devices or components of the system and must include all information for maintenance technicians to run, service, extend or maintain the network. In particular, the documentation will be structured and contain the following:
a)    Synopsis of the Network
b)    Charts of the distribution highlighting the details of the elements that have been installed.
c)    Reports on measurements (2 Soft copies on CD-ROM should be availed)
d)    Service Level Agreement and Escalation matrix for reporting and quick resolution of faults.
e)    Monitoring tools for visibility and measurement of each links performance
f)    Basic training for key staff on troubleshooting, reporting, service uptime and downtime detection and analysis.
g)    Configurations of router and any devices deployed within the WAN.

We warranty our work for a period of one (1) year from the date of substantial completion.
GeoNet will not charge any additional cost for regular maintenance/ services works during warranty period as all the parts offered will be having warranty period as mentioned in our response to Technical specifications.
The company hereby gives assurance that it will establish adequate back up for products and Services offered.

The Customer will allow GeoNet’s employees unhindered access to the equipment for servicing it and will take all reasonable steps to facilitate their work.
GeoNet Ltd will during its normal working hours (currently Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (except public holidays) and within a reasonable time of receipt of a request by the customer, provide service for the equipment, i.e. inspection, adjustment and repair, including the supply of replacement  spare parts. Consumables necessary for the effective working of the equipment

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